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How it works

All numbers are owned by BeeFound Business Optimization Inc. ( and are parked and available for purchase. Once you purchase a new phone number we will email you instructions on how to initiate the port to your current provider. Once the port is complete, you own the number! There is no service plan included, nor will you receive a SIM card.

You can PORT (TRANSFER) the number to your provider, landline carrier, cell company, voip provider, etc. There is NO porting fee charged by us!  You can choose to leave it 'PARKED' or add ‘CALL FORWARDING’. You can port out anytime, there are no hidden fees, there is no contract.

Ports to not happen the same day! Most ports take between 2-10 days to complete, however, there can be porting delays! Do not order promotional material or advertise your new number until you have ownership of it! 

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A companies phone number mirrors the company identity, and that gives it a face and a soul. did that by securing a true 1-800 number and a professional voice service for our phone system.


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Toronto, Ontario